Trade Union organization of LLP “Institute of Physics and Technology”

Our Institute has a Trade Union of employees. The Trade Union is a structural subdivision of the public association “Almaty Professional Union “Parasat”, which performs all or part of its functions, including the function of representation. The Trade Union Committee members of LLP “Institute of Physics and Technology” are as follows:

The members of trade union committee of LLP “Physics and Technology Institute” are the following:

-Ms. Yekaterina Grushevskaya, chairwoman of the trade union committee of LLP “Physics and Technology Institute”, a junior researcher of Laboratory of Nuclear Physics and Radiation Ecology, works since 2014.

-Mrs. Irina Girina, secretary of the trade union committee of LLP “Physics and Technology Institute”, engineer of Laboratory of Semiconductor Materials, works since 2006.

-Mrs. Svetlana Tarakanova, cultural sector of the trade union committee of LLP “Physics and Technology Institute”, technician of the highest category of the Laboratory of photoelectric phenomena and devices, works since 1988.

-Mrs. Natalya Bashkova, treasurer of the trade union committee of LLP “Physics and Technology Institute”, accountant, works since 2007.

-Mr. Bagdat Rakymetov, sports sector, Junior Researcher of Gorelkinsky Laboratory of EPR Spectroscopy, works since 2008.

Trade union functions:

- represents and protects the rights and interests of the trade union members in government bodies and before the employer, in a pre-trial settlement of disputes, when considered in courts;

- negotiates with representatives of state bodies and employers, acts as a part of social partnership when concluding sectoral agreements, collective agreements and monitors their implementation;

- appeals to state bodies on the improvement of legislative and regulatory legal acts concerning the rights and interests of members of the trade union, seeks to repeal regulations that impair their rights;

- participates in the development or submits proposals to the relevant state bodies on the consideration of draft laws and other regulatory legal acts on issues relating to social and labor relations, including the organization of payment and rationing of labor, budgetary and personnel policies, employment, labor safety and security;

- makes proposals to the state bodies to bring to justice those who violate the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on trade unions that do not fulfill the obligations stipulated by the sectoral agreements and collective agreements;

- carries out public control over compliance with labor, safety and labor protection laws, participates in the investigation of industrial accidents;

- participates in the regulation of collective labor disputes;

- organizes training, retraining, professional development of trade union personnel and leaders, including mediation issues;

- takes part in the certification of industrial facilities for labor conditions;

- renders assistance to Trade Union members on their professional training and retraining, organization of medical and pension benefits, sanatorium treatment and recreation;

- provides an organizational, advisory, legal, financial and charitable assistance to the members of local trade union and structural subdivisions;

- organizes and hold meetings, rallies, demonstrations, street processions, strikes, and other mass actions in accordance with the legislation in order to protect the rights and interests of members of the trade union;

- performs other functions delegated by members of the trade union through the respective trade union structures.

Trade union committee actively works on the organization of cultural events and outdoor activities.

New Year's corporate party at LLP “Physics and Technology Institute”, 2018-2019

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